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What information is stored in a cookie?

The majority of cookies just save information about your browser and when you last visited a website. The cookie will hold your login information for websites that need you to log in so that the site can remember who you are and your preferences.

We’ve Set Some Cookies

Our site provides email subscription services and opt-in newsletter, and cookies may be used to remember if you’ve already registered with us and whether to display specific notifications that are only relevant to subscribers.

Cookies may be used to remember your user details for future correspondence when you enter data using a form, such as those found on contact sites or comment forms.

In certain situations, we may additionally use supplied to us by trusted third parties. The information detailed below explains the third-party cookies you are expected to encounter while browsing this site.

Our site makes use of Google Analytics, which is supported and trusted globally as the best analytics solution on the web for assisting professionals in improving their understanding of how they can use certain methods to enhance site performance. These cookies may keep track of things like how much time you spend on the website and which pages you visit more frequently. This will help us in creating appealing content for you. We may also offer you personalized content based on the details you provide us about yourself directly or indirectly.

Our site also features social media plugins that let you interact with our network in multiple ways. For these to work, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will set cookies through our site. These cookies may be used to enhance your profile on their site or contribute to the data they hold for numerous reasons mentioned in their respective privacy policies.

Cookie Disabling

By modifying your browser’s settings, you can prevent cookies from being set (see your browser Help for how to do this or run an online search).

Just know that disabling cookies is going to affect the functionality of this and many other websites you visit. If you disable cookies, then the site’s optimum functionality and features will be disabled as well. As a result, we don’t suggest that you disable cookies.