The paradigm shifts that the fourth industrial revolution brought to consumer behavior has made technology an inseparable aspect of our daily life. Every business nowadays, from large to small scale, needs to match their game in digital marketing. Business enterprises that do not catch up with the change in the organizations’ external environment remain behind in the competition. It may sound that technological advancements have made competition tough. It’s not the case; instead, it has made it fair and way more empowering, such as digital Marketing. If you are an entrepreneur, today’s digital age stashes innumerable opportunities for you to market your business without investing massive funds in it. In this blog, we are going to share Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners that can help you plenty if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

Best Digital Marking Strategy for Beginners

Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners

With digital marketing, you have uncountable gateways to market your business. Here we discuss each platform you can use to create your digital marketing strategy for beginners and yield incredible results by investing a very meager amount of money. You can leverage on the following digital channels and attract a target audience through online marketing. Let’s get into it without wasting much time.

Social Media Marketing

There is none of us whose life isn’t affected by social media. We spend a big chunk of our spare time scrolling social media apps. Brands directly connect to their target audiences through social media. Once you have successful social media, it can automatically derive traffic to your websites through backlinks. Your online presence makes you enter the ground with other competitors, but how much you capture the market depends on your social media marketing strategy. Let’s learn how you can differentiate your brand’s presence, make it appealing to your target market, and derive desired results.

Social Media Posts Designs

The key to bringing sales leads is constantly reminding customers about your products and services and the benefits it brings to them. The best way to achieve that objective is regular posting on the page. Make sure your posts keep appearing on your customers’ feeds now and then. But remember, share something new each time because they might feel annoyed if they keep watching the same posts repeatedly. The foremost rule is the be as creative as you can be. In digital marketing strategy for beginners, creativity matters more than money. Let’s learn how to do creative branding for your business.

Crafting social media posts requires two basic steps:


website copywriting

It includes:

  • Taglines: Draft catchy slogans that will be placed upon the final image or video content to derive the desired results.
  • Captions: Craft captivating captions that further support the idea presented in the tagline.
  • Hashtags: Use trendy hashtags to increase the reach of your posts.

Image/Video Designs:

Use the taglines you generated on image design using captivating related pictures and illustrations with a perfectly matching typography. Your potential to bring desired response lies in your creativity in graphic design and taglines. The best combination of both builds the right impression of the brand that you want to develop.

Story Design/Reels

Facebook, Instagram, and other social applications offer additional features like stories, Reels, and live sessions. Using unmatched copywriting, you must design captivating content for each of the above purposes.

You can use the following in stories and reels.

  • Image Post
  • Animated videos
  • Share customers’ feedback

Live Session

The live session is the best way to engage your brand’s audience. A live session of (Q/A)s questions and answers can satisfy their curiosity, and a live video of the shop/premises may create credibility for your target market. Make sure to have live sessions from time to time.

Paid Advertisement

Best Digital Marking Strategy for Beginners

Another way to promote your products and services is through paid social media ads. Almost every social media platform offer paid Ads features for businesses. You can boost your post, and the content reaches thousands/millions of people for a certain duration, depending on the budget you apportioned for paid ads. Once you add website links to your post, the more people view your posts, the more you derive traffic to your website. You must choose this option if you are willing to invest a small amount to build more extraordinary results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners if you are precisely potential customers instead of mass-level traffic. Unlike social media marketing, you must be very meticulous about who you send these marketing emails to. Only those interested in those products and services will be responsive to your mail. In addition, you need to have data on potential customers to send them emails. You can obtain the data from your internal organization database or purchase from a digital advertising agency that caches consumer data. There are 4 purposes you can work out through Email Marketing.

Promotional Email

Promotional emails are written to attract target audiences through value deals and discount bundles. These emails mostly display enormous benefits for the target audiences and call them to action. Promotional emails can share:

  • Clearance Sale
  • Seasonal Discounts
  • Occasional Discounts
  • Limited-time offers
  • New product promotion
  • Special Offers
  • Giveaways

Newsletters Email

Newsletters are written to create awareness about the brand and its offerings. For that, you need to design an exclusive newsletter with blogs, articles, images, customer reviews, and everything engaging about your product line. The newsletter’s content is generally informative with direct/indirect sales pitches. If written and designed perfectly, a newsletter can pick your potential customers’ interest and compel them to make the purchase.

Acquisition Email

Acquisition emails are written with the proposed objective of turning the audience interested in your product or service into actual customers. These are mainly composed to expand your customer base. Contrary to Newsletters and other informative emails, there exist chances for email list churn. When people get annoyed, they may unsubscribe from an email list. Therefore, when writing an acquisition mail, remember it has to be very engaging and precise so that reader shows interest.

Retention Email

digital marketing strategy for small businesses by email marketing

This type of email marketing is for the existing customer you want to retain for the long term. Retention emails include building long-term customer relationships. A few of the common aspects of retention email are:

  • Special recognition with goody bags
  • Premium services (Special offerings that are not available to others)
  • Loyalty cards and special customer deals available to them

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is just right for you if you want to connect to your target audiences regardless of their availability on the internet. Most brands target their digital marketing strategy toward internet users, where users will only learn about you once they open the respective internet-based applications. However, SMS Marketing will ensure your promotional content reaches the potential audience wherever he is, regardless of his access to the internet. Here is how you can develop your SMS marketing strategy as a beginner.

  • Generate a list of your potential customers to send msg; you can collect data from advertising agencies.
  • Create engaging, easily understandable content and derive expected results.
  • Use good software that sends your promotional messages.
  • Track your performance for how many responses it brought and where it needs improvements.

Affiliated Marketing

One of the things that can push you to incredible growth is affiliated marketing. Affiliated marketing includes when another brand promotes your products. It will increase your product’s reach. You must be thinking would somebody do that? Of Course, it is paid, but not highly paid, because both parties mutually benefit from affiliated marketing.
Affiliated marketing and social media marketing have a powerful impact on your business growth. The trendiest affiliated marketing these days are blogger marketing. It’s the best combination for digital marketing strategy for beginners if used within social media marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best options for building a purpose-led, response-deriving digital marketing strategy for beginners. Creating content requires sheer creativity on your end to generate unique content ideas to communicate your ideas to the public. It has enough potential to turn even uninterested audiences into your proposed customers. It all depends on the compelling powers of the content you create. Once coupled with search engine optimization, the same content can fetch you numerous sales leads. You can use multiple facets of content marketing to top rank on search engine results:

  • Blog posts
  • Video Content
  • Infographic Content
  • PR content marketing
  • Paid ad
  • Podcasts
  • Memes & Gifs

Search Engine Optimization

If there is any digital strategy that can bring you the fastest results, it’s search engine optimization. SEO utilizes highly searched keywords in your content marketing so that your webpage or content appears on top in google searches. It can organically derive massive traffic to your website.

This strategy requires a little investment on your end. However, the results are inevitably 2 to 3 times greater than the money you invested. You can hire an SEO Service agency to handle everything for you because a commoner doesn’t know much about the mechanism of search engine optimization. Get help from SEO experts and build an effective digital marketing strategy for beginners.

Google Paid Ad Marketing

Another kind of paid digital marketing strategy for beginners is google ads, aka pay-per-click. Google allows you to place your ads on different websites, and whenever someone clicks on them, you have to pay a certain amount to Google. What makes it very special is that it only derives potential customers to your websites because customers themselves choose to click and visit your offerings only if they find them attractive.

A Closing Thought

This blog shares a bundle of digital marketing strategies that allows you to meet your business goals more efficiently. Want to learn more about successful digital marketing strategies? Who knows, it may be the game changer for your business! Give a read to “Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners.”

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