Peace of mind for our users is our utmost priority!

Having a strong purchasing protection in place enable our clients to shop with confidence knowing that the products they buy with their accounts are secured with purchased protection.

What if my credit card has illegal charges on it?

If you notice any abnormal charges on your bank statement, contact the issuer of your credit card immediately. Under federal law, users have the right to contest and acquire documents of the deceitful conduct resulting from the breach or theft. The Fair Credit Reporting Act also requires us to show the transaction records related to the misconduct to the law enforcement agencies and the users in order to identify the theft within one month of your written request.

Choose a strong password

Your account with us usually requires a password. Anyone who obtains your password has the ability to gain access to your account and make transactions without your knowledge, as well as obtain your details. Use strong passwords to protect your accounts, and only reveal a password when you need to access the account.

What is the best way to build a secure password?

Hackers take longer to crack strong passwords than weak passwords. The length of a password is the most significant component in creating a secure password. Following these tips will help you develop a strong password:

  • Your password must contain at least ten characters, including numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters, and special characters. “8@bka4N2!X” is an example.
  • It’s easy to create a memorable password. Most people take the first letter of a meaningful phrase and add numbers and symbols at the start or end to make it memorable. “7+Rmyfg!9” is created from “Reading makes you feel good.”
  • Avoid using common dictionary words, names, personal details, contact numbers, and easily identifiable patterns or phrases as passwords. These are simple to figure out. As a result, passwords like “Stacey,” “petlover,” “London1989”, and “123456” should be avoided.